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To confirm if marine equipment complies with the requirements as indicated in the Implementing Regulations, the Marine Equipment Directive (MarED) introduced "Conformity Assessment Procedures" These procedures are comparable with for example CE Marking, and detailed information is availabe in the "Blue Guide"
It must be said however that the MarED, although developed in accordance with this "Guide" does not contain al the Modules listed in the "Guide" The MarED allows only for the use of 5 Modules, which are included in this website as separate documents.
Please note that the abbreviation for Marine Equipment Directive is MarED, and not MED. The MED is the "Medical Devices Directive" (repealed by Regulation (EU) 2017/745)

The modules and requirements are given in Article 15 of the Directive, which writes:


1. The conformity assessment procedures shall be as set out in Annex II. (to this Directive)

2. Member States shall ensure that the manufacturer or the manufacturer's authorised representative has the conformity assessment carried out, through a notified body, for a specific item of marine equipment, by using one of the options provided by means of implementing acts adopted by the Commission in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 38(2), from among one of the following procedures:

(a) where the:

Module B, EC Type Examination is to be used, before being placed on the market, all marine equipment shall be subject to:

Module D, Production Quality; or

Module E, Product Quality; or

Module F, Product Verification.

(b) where sets of marine equipment are produced individually or in small quantities and not in series or in mass, the conformity assessment procedure may be
Module G, Unit Verification.

3. The Commission shall, by means of the information system made available for that purpose, keep an up to date list of approved marine equipment and applications withdrawn or refused and shall make that list available to interested parties.


Manufacturers or their authorised representatives may choose their preferred Modules, considering the contents of the Implementing regulation, "Old A1" list.

To comply with paragraph 3 above, the Notified Body, NKK(Netherlands)BV, must periodically update a dataset and forward this dataset to EMSA, Lisbon, who are controlling and updating the MarED website.